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Allen Bradley Motion Control Products 

Motion Control

Motion control products control machinery motion, including servo drives, motors, controllers and actuators. Allen-Bradley offers various series for different applications and industries.

Servo drives amplify and control servo motor torque and speed for precise motion control. Allen-Bradley’s series include Kinetix 5500, 5700, 6500 and 7000.

Servo motors work with servo drives, providing high precision and repeatability. Allen-Bradley’s series include Kinetix VPC, VP and HPK.

Motion controllers control machinery motion with high precision. Allen-Bradley’s series include Kinetix 350, 5500 and 5700.

Actuators convert electrical signals into mechanical motion for accurate positioning. Allen-Bradley’s series include MP-Series and TL-Series.

Allen-Bradley’s motion control products ensure precise and reliable motion control.

Allen-Bradley offers various series and modules for motion control products:

Kinetix 6000: Servo Drives, Servo Motors, Multi-axis Servo Drives, Auxiliary Feedback Modules.

Kinetix 6500: Servo Drives, Servo Motors, Multi-axis Servo Drives.

Ultra 3000: Servo Drives for high precision and speed control.

PowerFlex: AC drives, DC drives and Servo Drives for reliable motor control.

Motion analyzer Software: Helps select and configure motion control systems.

Motion Control Accessories: Cables, connectors and hardware for system installation and maintenance.

Motion control products enable precise motion and positioning for industrial applications.

Technical Details:

Servo Drives:

Kinetix 6000: High-performance control for various applications.

Kinetix 6500: High-power with safety features and motor compatibility.

Kinetix 7000: Suitable for high-performance applications.

Servo Motors:

Kinetix VP: High-performance and precision for demanding applications.

Kinetix MP: Designed for high acceleration and deceleration rates.

Kinetix HPK: Suitable for high-power density and precise control.

Motion Controllers:

ControlLogix: Modular, scalable control platform for up to 32 axes.

CompactLogix: Compact and cost-effective control platform for up to 8 axes.

SoftLogix 5800: Software-based platform for flexibility and scalability.

Allen-Bradley motion control products suit industries like packaging, material handling, robotics and machine tools, offering coordinated motion control, advanced trajectory generation and high-speed synchronization.


– High precision for accurate and reliable production processes.

– Customizable to meet industry-specific needs.

– Easy integration with other automation components.

– Scalable for changing demands.

– Advanced features for quick issue identification and improved productivity.

Motion control products are used in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and robotics. Requirements vary, including precision, speed, load capacity and compatibility with existing systems.