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Allen Bradley Industrial Network Products

Allen Bradley

Allen Bradley provides a comprehensive range of industrial network products designed to establish seamless connectivity within industrial automation setups. These reliable products facilitate efficient communication among controllers, HMIs, sensors, and other devices.

Product Categories:

Stratix Ethernet switches: Rugged switches for harsh environments, supporting protocols like EtherNet / IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP.

ControlNet media: Enables high-speed communication for critical applications over long distances using coaxial and fiber-optic cables.

DeviceNet media: Facilitates communication between sensors and actuators, ensuring a robust network.

PowerFlex drives with embedded EtherNet/IP: Provides precise motor control and remote monitoring.

Point I/O: Modular system for limited space applications, allowing connection of multiple I/O modules to a single adapter.

Kinetix servo drives: Ensures high-speed and high-precision movement in applications.

Guardmaster safety products: Range of safety relays, controllers, and switches to ensure personnel and equipment safety.

Technical Details:

Protocols: Support for various protocols such as Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, and ControlNet.

Data rates: Ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Interfaces: Copper and fiber optic Ethernet ports, serial ports, and USB ports.

Power supply: Built-in AC or DC power supplies.

Operating temperature range: Designed to operate within specific temperature ranges.

Certifications: Meets industry standards like UL, CSA, and CE.

Security features: Advanced security features like firewalls, VPNs, and user authentication.

Management and monitoring: Remote management and monitoring using software tools.

Scalability: Easily expandable network as per requirements.

Redundancy: Redundant power supplies and network connections for high availability.

Integration: Seamless integration with PLCs, HMIs, and VFDs.

Diagnostics: Event logging, alarms, and status indicators for troubleshooting.


Allen Bradley Industrial Network Products are ideal for industries requiring secure and efficient communication, such as industrial automation, manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.


Connectivity: Seamless connection and data sharing across multiple platforms.

Security: Robust security features for data protection and prevention of unauthorized access.

Scalability: Easily expand operations without major reconfigurations.

Flexibility: Support for various communication protocols.

Remote Access: Monitor and control processes remotely.

Compatibility: Integration with a wide range of devices for easy implementation.

Quality: Allen Bradley products are known for reliability, durability, and flexibility.

Role in Automation Industries:

Allen Bradley plays a vital role in the automation industry by designing and manufacturing automation products, providing training and support, enabling integration with other systems, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. Their high-quality products and services optimize operations and improve productivity in automation industries.